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Newborn Lifestyle Session Baby F - Maple Ridge

Carmen Wishlow

I really cant express how awesome it feels to be asked to do Newborn Lifestyle Sessions!! This one with Baby F was so fun to capture! I have a little connection with mom as she was my hair dresser for a time before I moved and I did some cake pops for her oldest when she had her baby shower. So to do her 2nd boy's newborn session I was super super stoked!

I love being able to come to peoples homes and just hang out and let it be natural and also get some shots that you must have! Mr. O is such a cutie and a great BIG brother! He showed me around and saw his room and was a trooper with taking some shots with his little bro and the family! Seeing mom take in her sweet new little one is pretty special and just the everyday things like changing and feeding. Mr. F is just a sweet and cuddly, squishy newborn that was working on his own schedule and we worked around him after all he is a big deal in town!

These images captured this adorable family and we got the must have pics and some of the ones you forget as the kiddos get older and you forget that moment and those feelings in the moment with your new baby and family. Those images is what speaks to me and the emotions behind them!

Loved everything about this session and so happy to have this opportunity and I JUST LOVE WHAT I DO!! Feel free to comment and tag yourselves and like and share!!!!