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Laughing Sparrow - Behind the Scenes Session of the art of Jewelry Making!

Carmen Wishlow

Rachael from the AMAZING Laughing Sparrow contacted me to see if I would be interested in doing a session of me hanging out while she does her thing. What is her thing you ask making custom and stunning, simple and elegant jewelry. I was so excited to do this as I love product photography and styling but this was an awesome idea so people get a feel for what goes on.

Not only does she make her own designs and custom but she has also been offering to re-purpose old jewelry which I think is such a great idea as well all have old pieces that mean a lit and can be brought back to life.

I came to her studio in New West where quite a few studio's were being rented with some very talented artists and had a pretty awesome feel! The light was perfect for us and I just was a fly on the wall while she made some magic! I also climbed what seemed like a 20ft ladder to get some aerial shots (anything for the shot right).

Rachael is at a LOT of the amazing markets and some local shops so please do check out her page and say hello and if you see her at a market check her stuff out! I have my eyes on a few items no doubt! Here is what a day in the life of this talented mom and entrepreneur ! Please feel free to share and like and comment!!

Shot at 100 Braid St Studios