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My FIRST Styled Bridal Photoshoot!

Carmen Wishlow

I have been lucky to have met some amazing people through photography and me and Warin Marie Photography teamed up and collaborated with some AMAZING vendors for our first styled bridal shoot! I am so excited and finally done the edits to show you what I came up with! a HUGE THANK YOU to all the wonderful vendors for their time and products they provided!! I am hoping to work with you all again in the future! These are all my photos and when Warin puts hers up after her submissions make sure to check her out!

Models: Brianna Bernardi & Marissa Lyons
Cake & Sweets: Carmen's Sweet Creations
Macarons: Kizzy's Macarons
Furniture: Maple Ridge Florist Ltd
Dresses: Ellebay Bridal Boutique
Florals: Westgate Weddings Westgate Flower Garden
Makeup & Hair: Carla Hawksworth Makeup & Hair 
Location: Willow Hill Cat Hotel

Be kind this is my first styled shoot and I am so happy to have had this opportunity and let me just play around and capture all the beauty in this shoot! I also did the sweets minus the macaron's as this is how I basically started photography as I was involved in styled shoots like this but the sweets end so it was pretty awesome to be do the sweets table and be the photographer!

I got to play with some edits which is nice doing a creative shoot. Hoping one day to do another I can submit the sky is the limit!!! Hope you like it and feel free to share and like and comment!