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Sunset Buttercup Field Shoot

Carmen Wishlow

Sunset and a buttercup field and a stunning girl what more can a photographer ask for right! Well I can remember my first real shoot I did last year that started this all and it was too a sunset shoot in a different buttercup field and with yet another gorgeous girl! So I knew as soon as I saw the buttercups popping up I HAD HAD to do another little creative shoot. Not only does it let me learn more and where I want to go with my creativeness and style but its so less stressful as well.

I enlisted my super beautiful friend Jenny to be my muse for the shoot and I was so happy she said she would! I also have been lucky enough to have met Warin from Warin Marie Photography and we both had a little impromptu session just letting us do what we do tell a story with our iamges! I will say that if you ever want a shoot in any field I am your girl but what you will have to keep in mind if your allergic it is a DOOZY! Jenny was such a trooper but she was fighting some pretty bad allergies but not once complained and said she couldn't go on. That's how awesome she is. Me and Jenny go way back to Grade 8 and I am so happy to have her still as a friend and being able to watch her journey from teen to an amazing mother to her little boy. I did capture the perfect Jenny shot, the shot that when you see it you know that is so her! She has a laugh that you can here from anywhere and you know oh there she is! It's infectious and so comforting to here and I will never tire of hearing. I had so much fun with her and Warin and I am sure I we will do this again soon but maybe not somewhere she is not allergic! BUT I WILL SAY they all turned out AMAZING and I am not trying to toot my own horn but they did!

I am so partial to these images and happy to have been able to capture her beauty and personality and to give her these images to keep and share! I am hoping to do more creative shoots with models or whenever I have an idea I need to express my visions through photographs! Here are the photos!